Burcu Ergün

Ethical Work Group Head


To raise the social responsibility awareness that observes the highest benefit for the patients in all relations with healthcare professions all other stakeholders in the healthcare technologies industry in Turkey to generate policies to set ethical business applications as a standard to give them effect owing to an effective communication with all stakeholders.

  • To share ARTED opinions with the relevant public stakeholders when if necessary by keeping a close eye on the developments in line with the Medical Device Sales, Advertisement Promotional Regulation.
  • To collaborate with our members to identify their needs in respect to the processes set out in the Medical Device Sales, Advertisement Promotional Regulation to organize training sessions to exchange opinions data share in order to support the organization applications of our members in respect to those processes.
  • To participate in sector meetings organized by public entities and/ethical work meetings of other related associations societies,to submit pre-issued approved opinions verbally and/in writing,to duly inform the members.
  • To ensure that ARTED Code of Ethical Conduct isd in parallel with national/ international regulations that all members complete their compliance, orientation training processes in this respect.
  • To the Guidebook for Compliance with Competition Rules, to ensure that ARTED member representative shall complete the guide-book related Competition Compliance Training,be certified online.
  • To keep track of the processes set out in MedTech Europe Ethical Code along with the internal compliance processes of our members, to ensure maintain communication for compliance with applicable regulations in Turkey before the applicable institutions.
  • Whenever necessary, to set up mail/ project groups and/sub-work committees to make sure that their activities are in alignment with the vision mission of the Ethical Work Group.